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Hitachi in Oceania
Hitachi in Oceania

Data Systems

We believe that data is an important asset, if you know how to use it. The key to new revenue streams, better customer experiences, and lower business costs is there in your data, waiting to be discovered. It reveals your path to innovation and new ways for you and the world to work. Hitachi Vantara elevates your innovation advantage by merging operational and informational experience with leading IoT expertise to offer you a data partner with unprecedented range and depth. We are data management, analytics, industrial expertise, technology and outcomes rolled into one great solution provider. Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

Hitachi Vantara helps data-driven leaders find and use the value in their data to innovate intelligently and reach outcomes that matter for business and society. We combine technology, intellectual property and industry knowledge to deliver data-managing solutions that help enterprises improve their customers’ experiences, develop new revenue streams, and lower the costs of business. Only Hitachi Vantara elevates your innovation advantage by combining deep information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and domain expertise.

Case Studies

Curtin University Advances Smart Campus Vision with Hitachi IoT Solution

HDS Curtin University Case Study

Western Australia’s Curtin University has selected Hitachi to deploy an internet-of-things (IoT) solution to advance its vision of a smart campus that enhances the student experience, improves classroom learning and ultimately attracts more industry to collaborate on data-driven research.

See how Curtin is achieving this by partnering with Hitachi to co-create solutions that harness internet of things (IoT) data through advanced analytics to provide insight into the daily running and utilisation of the campus.

Hitachi Vantara: The Path to Innovation

Hitachi Vantara elevates your innovation advantage by merging operational and informational experience. Learn how we work with organisations everywhere to drive data to meaningful outcomes.

Corporate / Office Profile

Corporate / Office Profile
Corporate / Office Name Hitachi Vantara
Address Tower B, Level 6, 26 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113, Australia
Tel +61 2 8379 5000
Fax +61 2 8379 5005