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Industrial Equipment

With extensive experience in all areas related to ‘people living in society’, Hitachi continues to develop new business areas using advanced technological know-how developed over many decades in the service of a wide-range of industries and society at large.

Our divisions are fully integrated, from sales to maintenance, service, research and development and manufacturing. Known for high performance, durability and reliability, Hitachi has a wide range of sophisticated and high-quality industrial equipment for businesses of all sizes including air compressors, chain hoists, ink-jet printers, as well as inverter and programmable logic controllers.

Air Compressors

Hitachi Global Air Power Australia (HGAPA) to manage the Hitachi Air Compressor business in Australia/New Zealand from 1 November 2017

We are pleased to announce that in July 2017, following an agreement between Hitachi Ltd and Accudyne Industries, Hitachi has now acquired the business assets and subsidiaries of Accudyne that manufacture and sell air compressors under the “HGAPA” brand. This acquisition makes Hitachi and HGAPA together, one of the world’s largest suppliers of air compressors.

Going forward, the air compressor business in Australia and New Zealand will now be managed by Hitachi Global Air Power Australia Pty Limited. We believe that HGAPA has the necessary infrastructure, network and eco‐system to support your on‐going and evolving needs.

Hitachi Global Air Power Australia (HGAPA) - Air Compressors

Sullair Air Compressors

Since 1965, Hitachi Global Air Power Australia has been recognised worldwide as an innovator and leader in rotary screw compression. Our durable air compressors feature the legendary HGAPA air end, precision-engineered for maximum performance with leading edge rotary screw technology.

Chain Hoists

As a major global supplier of electric chain hosts, our products have a reputation for setting the industry benchmark and for delivering a higher level of productivity and efficiency. Hitachi’s electric chain hoists offer a wide selection of capacity, speed and power source, with advanced functions to make our range suitable for almost any industry need.

Chain Hoists

Ink-Jet Printers

Industrial Ink-Jet Printers

A prominent manufacturer of industrial Ink Jet printers, Hitachi has over 25 years’ experience in continually developing advanced IJP units based on cutting-edge technology to meet the demand for industrial marking. Our Ink Jet printers boast a range of advanced features that facilitate high-speed complex marking and coding operations, and can be integrated and networked into existing systems.

Inverter & Programmable Logic Controller

Hitachi's Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) range reflects broad industry experience and encompasses developments in program capacity, processing speed, network compatibility, application commands and expansion potential.

Inverter & Programmable Logic Controller