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Inverter & Programmable Logic Controllers

Hitachi's Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) range reflects broad industry experience and encompasses developments in program capacity, processing speed, network compatibility, application commands and expansion potential.


Whether automating food packaging machines or high-speed controls of production lines, the user can adapt the CPU plus I/O modules to specific applications.

  • Extensive network abilities, especially with open fieldbus systems.
  • 32-bit microprocessor.
  • Expandable to 1024 I/O's.

As part of a network, the extension potential is virtually limitless.


The flexible choice for automation in the home or industrial environment.

The MICRO-EH combines high performance in a small size, with user friendliness and network compatibility.

  • Two built-in potentiometers (except in 10-point type) for easy set-up.
  • High speed counter (10kHz) for fast response to high speed applications.
  • Expansion units allow up to 84 I/O points (except in 10-point type).
  • Compatible with the H-Series PLC. Utilises DeviceNet√§ and other fieldbuses.

H Series

Designed for plant engineering, with a high-performance CPU, the H Series is considered the ultimate of its class.

  • Processing speeds of up to 0.05 ms/command.
  • Expandable to 4096 I/O's, expansion via network is virtually limitless.

Many years of industrial application have also forged the current H200/250/252 series.

  • Processing speeds of up to 0.2 ms/command.
  • Expansion modules allow up to 928 I/O's, extension via network is virtually limitless.

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Corporate / Office Profile

Corporate / Office Profile
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Sales and Customer service
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