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Vein ID

Hitachi's VeinID Biometric Authentication technology is one of the most advanced biometric identification technologies. Hitachi's Finger Vein attesting technology identifies finger vein patterns that exist inside the human body, eliminating tampering while increasing reliability and security and, as everyone's finger vein pattern is individual, it provides an ideal identification method without being intrusive.

How It Works

Near-infrared light is transmitted through the finger and partially absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood, enabling an image of the finger vein pattern to be captured by a sophisticated CMOS-based camera. The captured image is then stored as an encrypted template which is used for matching with future scans.

veinID - How it works

Key Features

  • Finger vein indenticiation offers a fast, convenient and non-invasive method of authentication, while maintaining individual privacy.
  • The veins are inside the body, invisible to the eye and not easily accessible. Therefore, finger vein patterns are extremely difficult to acquire, forge and manipulate.
  • The use of light transmission to gather biometric data means that the condition of the skin surface generally does not affect accurate processing. It is also contactless hence more hygienic for end users.
  • Finger vein patterns are unique even with identical twins and remain constant throughout the adult years.
  • Since only a small amount of data is required, one-to-one authentication can be done in less than 1 second.
  • Finger vein authentication eliminates potential loss or theft of key cards, password cracking and impersonation.

Hitachi VeinID Case Study

STAR Tasmania Case Study

STAR Tasmania boosts disability service provision with Hitachi VeinID

STAR Tasmania changes the lives of more than 250 Tasmanians with a disability every year through various support services including group housing to enable people to live in the community.

Find out more about how Hitachi VeinID for secure and accurate method of user authentication help STAR Tasmania boosts its disability services.

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Corporate / Office Profile
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